Monday, June 15, 2009

The Tools Artists Use

It's finally getting warmer and I'm actually thinking to start running. I don't go outside as often, so I thought maybe it's good to exercise to get some fresh air and stay healthy.

I have recently had an interview with Bill from The Tools Artists Use. Please check it out if you get a chance! Many thanks to Bill and I really enjoyed having an interview with you!

P.S. I have recently received email and I got in Creative Quarterly 16!! I am honored and excited to see my work in the magazine! Thank you for stopping by!


Shine said...

I was searching for some reference regarding this matter. Good thing I've found your article. Great insight.

Nimit Malavia said...

Congratulations Yuyu!
Really proud of how well your doing!
Star more. *

gareth adamson said...

Congratulations! Very informative interview, also.

Asuka Mori said...

Congratulations Yuta!

Staying healthy is very important. Running, jogging, walking, biking outside will give you good energy!
I went biking a little bit the other day and it was really nice to feel the breeze.

It's been cloudy here lately and it would be nice to see the clear blue sky and night sky in the summer time.

JuanCarlos said...

Oohhhh ho ho! Look at this guy!!! keep it up!!!

and I cant imagine you running somehow LOL

Simon Kim said...

wow. congrats~!!!!
This guy is my friend.

Carlie Russelle said...

Congrats Yuta! looks greeaaaat!

Yuta Onoda said...

Thank you so much guys!
Nimit: I'm still in Star club...and Zencu special!!!

And I started running!lets see how long this will last...