Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have been working on multiple things and I think I have never worked this hard before...but it's been an amazing journey since the graduation and I would love to keep doing this forever!

Here is the roughs and the final that I worked on for EYE WEEKLY. The article was about moving. The deadline was super tight, so I was very nervous if I could finish it on time but I'm glad that I made it.

"my life in boxes"
Mixed media and digital. 6"x 4"

Many thanks to Bradley for giving me a great project to work on. The magazine is out now, so please get one if you get a chance! More to come soon. Thank you!


MEG said...

Congrats yuta!
i'm really happy for you(^^♪

Juan Carlos Solon said...


I was drunk tonite so I couldn't get you a copy sorry.

jigsoaK said...

Love the colors and your style. Big fan of your work, keep it up!

Yuta Onoda said...

Thank you so much for the kinds words guys!

Juan:No sushi?

Nimit Malavia said...

@juan drunk off 2 beers :\

Way to go yuyu! I have a copy on my drawing table right now...wooooooo!

irma kniivila said...

GEEZ you're a beast.

Apparently nothing short of nuclear holocaust could slow you down.


pete ryan said...

congrats my friend

Asuka Mori said...

Cute moving illustration!
I like that the teddy bear isn't packed inside the boxes.
Nice work!

Chris Coles said...

I wanna get a copy. Congrats Yuta! Very nice job. We should see more of this bear?

Lettie Lo said...

wow congrats good joB!!!