Thursday, May 28, 2009

All is mine

The idea of this piece was about children's insatiable desire towards owning toys. I have been wanting to buy so many things these days and this made me think of my childhood. I was a selfish kid and I always begged my mom to get me whatever I wanted. I thought everything I liked could be mine...

"All is mine"
Mixed media and digital. 17" x 16"

- in detail -

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hope leaves

It's finally getting warmer here and it's really relaxing to go outside and get some fresh air. But the piece I worked on was negative though...

This piece is about the bear hunting issue. I was reading the article and it really broke my heart to think that humans can be that cruel to helpless animals. I hope this image would help stop bear hunting at least a bit...

"hope leaves"
Mixed media and digital. 8"x 8"

Monday, May 11, 2009

New start!

I finally settled down with my work space and started working again. I'm excited to be productive and I hope to keep the momentum going. Here is the piece that I came up with. 

The idea was taken from the article about the hannya mask. It is used to represent a vengeful and jealous woman. She was once a beautiful woman. However,  her unrequited love causes her turn into a monster consumed with jealousy, rage, anger, and revenge. 

"the mask she wears"
Mixed media and digital. 8.5"x 11"